HR Policy

recruitment, training, skills, promotion

Our main strength: our employees!

The Gérard Perrier Industrie Group currently employs more than 1,650 people.

The exceptional lifestyle offered by the region in which the Group is located, combined with a dynamic human resources policy have enabled GPI to attract valuable talents.

To meet our growth needs, the Group has built its HR strategy on the following fundamentals: recruitment of young talents, training and skill development, internal promotion.

> To support its development, Gérard Perrier Industrie relies on training and the integration of young apprentices and work placement students.

Every year, between 5 and 7% of our teams are apprentices, placement students or under professionalisation contracts.

We have developed strong partnerships with the various local apprenticeship centres and schools to support our recruitment efforts.

The goal is simple: we want to ensure that the apprenticeships and placements spent in the Group are a success for both parties, and thus result in the integration of new employees in the long term.

> GPI employees are mostly young, with a good level of education: an average 70% of the new employees recruited every year have between 2 and 5 years’ higher education.

Furthermore, to meet the ever-growing needs for resources in the nuclear environment, we have created our own, internal training academy. The academy trains around fifteen young adults in the technical skills required for our activities and recognised by a CQPM qualification.

> Employee training is also a strategic development area for the Group.  To accompany the advancement of our technical teams and preserve our competitive advantage, we invest 5-6% of our payroll every year in training actions. Skill development is a daily concern because by encouraging its employees to evolve and improve, the Group enables them to fulfil their professional ambitions (in terms of both skills and position) and encourages a feeling of belonging to the Group.

> Internal promotion has always been a key to the Group’s success. Investing in our employees and enabling them to rise gradually to positions of responsibility is a lever of motivation and performance that we apply to all the hierarchical levels of the company. We keep skills internally for as long as possible, thus capitalising on experience and knowledge. All of our managers today have reached their positions by internal promotion: they are the best possible ambassadors for our HR policy.



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