Hire, train, develop & promote

Our people, our first strength!

Gérard Perrier Industrie employs more than 2100 employees.

Our HR strategy focuses on hiring young talents, training & promoting people.

Key figures of our HR policy :


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> Recruit & promote

At Gérard Perrier Industrie, we truly believe in hiring and helping young talents to progress.

Each year, interns and apprentices account for 5 to 7% of all employees.

In order to hire new talents, we have built strong partnerships with schools and universities closed to several company locations.

The overarching aim is to have successful intern and apprentices willing to join the group over time!

Internal promotions, a key success factor for the group

Our employees’ skills and expertise are our best asset so we create conditions of success to promote and keep our talented people.

Helping our teams to develop and progress is our main goal, they’re our future managers and best HR ambassador.

Hire and promote, especially for our interns and apprentices

> Train and increase employees’ skills


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Our talent people are mostly young with and hold higher education degree.

60% of employees have academic degree such as Bachelor or Master’s in technical fields.

We face the challenge of talents head on so the group has created an in-house school named EFGPI. Each year, our technical training programs help employees and new-comers to progress and learn.

Train and develop skills as strategic challenge for the group

More than 6-7% of the wage bill is devoted to training to allow our people to grow within the group. We want to promote and support our teams in their career paths. Develop employees’ skills and adaptability will allow us to increase client expectations.




Integration and deployment of industry-dedicated security products and services



3 main skillsets : Cloud and Web development, industrial IOT, cybersecurity...